Let's Get You Set Up For
Free Online Ordering ASAP!

Quit Paying 25% to 40% Commissions on Delivery Services like Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates!


Don’t Hand Your Customers Over to Delivery Companies!

  • Keep all your hard-earned money
  • Put your staff to work fulfilling take-out orders, curbside pickup, or delivery
  • Quit letting 3rd party delivery companies STEAL your customers to go frequent your competitors
  • Own your own data and build your customer list to keep customers coming back with integrated marketing campaigns

The Problem that MenuChow Solves!

  • Fear of Technology: Want to evolve with technology trends, but lack the capabilities
  • The cost for developing in-house online ordering app is too high
  • Financial losses caused by inaccurate orders that are taken over the phone
  • Inconvenience: Customers prefer restaurants that offer the convenience of online ordering
  • Limited customer data
  • Restaurants don’t track customer data and trends with in-store sales and therefore can’t market to them effectively
  • Third Party delivery sites keep all of the Merchant’s customer data

Set Your Business Up to THRIVE

  • Create a new or improved revenue stream by enabling your customers to order take-out or delivery right from your Website, Facebook page, and our free mobile app
  • Increase your average order size compared to phone orders
  • If you need a new Website, we’ll build it for an additional fee
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Online Ordering from MenuChow

Did You Know? Take-out customers pay full price for menu items, but do not use the dining room or your serving staff, making them your most valuable customers.

Reduce Costs

• Lower labor cost associated with taking phone orders

• Eliminate costly ordering mistakes that lead to food waste and negative online reviews

• Increase margins by eliminating expensive third-party delivery fees

Grow Revenue with More Repeat Visits

• Make it easy for customers to come back with 3-click reordering, card-on-file, and more

• Grow your customer database and collect data to better understand customer habits

• Drive repeat visits with targeted marketing campaigns and our digital loyalty program


Let’s Get You Set Up For Commission-Free Online Ordering ASAP!

We are committed to helping you through these uncertain times. Most states have passed mandates on Food & Beverage institutions restricting them to exclusively online ordering / take-out business. We will provide you with a Free IPad Mini, and kitchen printer, or email, with lead times and future ordering programmed to your specifications. Customers can order and pay right from your website, facebook page, or our free app, making it easy for them and profitable for you.

To get started, we’ll work with you to build an online ordering menu on your website and facebook page ASAP, and setup your Free IPad and Kitchen printer to start recieveing orders.


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Keep it simple!

– Simple User Interface
– Customizable Options and Modifiers
– Order My Usual and Popular Picks options
– Secure checkout with credit and debit card
– Store cards security with Tokenization
– Funds deposited into your account daily

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